The formation of 'The 18 Movements of Taiji Qigong' was based on some of the movements of the 'Taiji Chuen' (also known as the Shadow Boxing), coupled with the Qigong breathing. The advantages of Taiji Qigong are its simplicity in movements, easy to learn and it has therapeutic effect for certain chronic diseases. Through regular practice, it can be of benefit to one's physical well-being. In order to achieve better result, it is of utmost important to have correct postures, slow and lively in movements and proper breathing. With constant practice, one can cultivate vital energy called QI (the resistance to diseases) and thus will strenghten one's health, prevent and treat diseases and prolong life. 

According to the theory of traditional Chinese Medicine, if one is lack of the vital energy (QI), it is highly necessary for him/her to cultivate and reinforce it, which is the very purpose of practising 'Qigong'. Once the vital energy (QI) is strengthened, then it can clear the Channels and their Collateral Channels, balance the Yin and Yang principles, improve the supply of QI and blood and strengthen immunity from diseases. Thus, the aim of preventing and treating diseases are achieved. 'Qigong' is also known as 'the arts of natural cure and healing' for one's physical fitness.