Nanyang Wushu Federation of Sarawak, formerly known as Nanyang Pugilistic Arts & Physical Culture Association inaugurated the first of Wushu competitions and cultural events in 1991. The Festival has received overwhelming support from various organisations/schools, mass media, commercial sectors and members of the public. 

Riding on the roaring success of the first festival, the organiser has decided to hold this prestigious event annually. Today, Nanyang Wushu Federation Of Sarawak has successfully organised the festival for seven conservative years. All these years, the Festival has always been an entertainment event which was well-received and appreciated by both local and foreign tourists. 

The objectives of the Festival are as follows: 

  1. To promote WUSHU as a form of tourist attraction. 
  2. To develop WUSHU incorporating cultural dances as a form of entertainment events and sport activities in our Malaysian society in line with the RAKAN MUDA programme
  3. To contribute towards better understanding, social integration and harmony amongst all races in Malaysia 
  4. To select outstanding Wushu competitors to represent- Sarawak, Malaysia in International and overseas Wushu Championship. 
The Festival as the name implies is a 'Carnival' filled with a pot pourri of fun and excitement in which our Malaysians and our foreign tourists will not only be watching very high standard of WUSHU performance but will also be entertained with Malaysian cultural shows, musical presentations and a medley of songs and dances which the Organiser will be putting up at every competition. The event will be shared by both the participants as well the public viewers in one big joyous celebration of the Malaysian hospitality and generosity in the eyes of the foreign visitors to our country. 

The efforts and encouragement by Ministry of Tourism Sarawak will provided great opportunities for both the public and private sectors to play a vital role in promoting the tourism industry in Malaysia which can contribute significantly towards our country's economic growth. Nanyang Wushu Federation of Sarawak are confident that the fulfilment of this role through the organising of the Nanyang Wushu Festival annually will be realised. Our ultimate goal is to develop our NANYANG WUSHU FESTIVAL into a very  well-known and reputable 'Malaysian Tourist Event' throughout the world, to be as famous as the 'Water Festival' of Thailand so that when any foreigner is to mention about WUSHU competition they will talk about our NANYANG WUSHU FESTIVAL in Malaysia. 

The Organiser is pleased and honoured that the Sarawak Tourism Board has officially supported the Festival by promoting it through its network and also to include in the calendar of events for the year.